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Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on


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i am player BattleFieldHardline and my nickname work_hard_8888 i cant join any battlefield hardline servers near 3-4 days. because of PunkBuster banned me. i have been playing this game near 3 year.i spend serious money for my gaming pc and i am very very very good player.i have lots of video recording on my page . plays.tv/work_hard_8888    Can you tell me please , what is the REASON punkbuster banned me  ????? i dont use any cheat or and programme !!!! i send lots of time email and nobody reply... easy way to buy new acc... BUT İ WANT MY OWN MAİN ACC.. i spend near 3000 hours !!! this is my 1 acc i also use my nick for other games too.. How can i solve this unmeaning problem ??? i am really nervous.

i hope somebody can tell me whats wrong ?

Best regards,


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I'm afraid to tell you that evenbalance have administered a global ban on your account, we here at pbbans will not know the reason why. You will need to open a troubleticket with them in order to appeal it. Some relevent info below..


Global GUID bans are issued and maintained, exclusively by Even Balance.

Third party anti cheat sites such as PBBans have no input nor control what so ever re global GUID bans,

A troubleticket with Even Balance is the only thing that can help you. Make sure to add any information to it that you think will help your cause (don't forget your GUID). Also make sure that you have told Even Balance that your ban is a global GUID ban.

Quick info:
1. Global GUID bans are issued and maintained by Even Balance themselves.
2. Third party anti cheat sites have no input what so ever re global GUID bans.
3. Global GUID bans are normally issued by Even Balance after a period of "silent logging".
4. "silent logging" is when cheat use is detected and logged by PunkBuster software but no action is taken at the time.
5. When the "silent logging" phase is over, Even Balance issue a global GUID ban on every pbguid that was detected during the "silent logging" phase.

If you feel that you have received a global GUID ban in error, you may submit a support ticket to Even Balance



Full link to evenbalance troubleticket below..


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hi thanks for advice , Troubleticket i try 4-5 times nothing changed. i also send message evenbalance and nobody answer me. what i must to do ?  

1 note : very strange i cant see my nick on ban list.

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Global bans are issued by evenbalance, we are not evenbalance and you are not banned by us, so no you won't be able to find yourself on the banlist. Evenbalance don't have a public banlist.

They will answer you but if you bombard them it will take longer for them to answer. Best advice is to wait, bottom line.

My post sounds stern, it's not meant to sound that way, just some friendly advice and answer to your questions.

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