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Regarding CVAR kick


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When someone gets kicked for cvar ( ***_esp = 2 ) for example


is that a definite hack on their system - or is it just a cvar loaded into their config



My understanding is- having that cvar in their config wont do anything without the hack ( typing ***_esp will just chuck back unknown cmd via console)


But will pb simply detect it in their config if they just downloaded someone elses config and kick/ban them or is it only when they have their hack loaded and cvars executed into console?



Thanks for your time guys/gals

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A) Dont take others CFGs!

B) Remeber where you play if its a new server so if you suddenly get banned and find crap in your CFGs, you can report it to EB and get unbanned.


...and why would you have only PART of a hack/cheat...

This is how most people get caught. They "TEST" a cheat and dont know how to completely remove it from their system...then BAMM-O BUSTED! ;)

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