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Want to share this Demos with you guys


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This one is a combination of wallhack with aimbot, pretty obvious just look for ureself, funny part when he gets in the spawn and a lot of people spawn and u see his aimbot going crazy to aiming each one of them:


Click Here to Download


And this one, u can tell the wallhack easily, just watch it and u will see, following the guy thru the wall.


Click Here to Download


i got their partial guids just for guys that would like to manually ban them, and btw they are not in the MLB, so they are outhere.

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Not much we can do unless the owner of the server submits them and it was on his server while streaming

i wrote "i know they wont make it to the MLB but just share"


i know the fact that it woint go trhu the MLB, already know that, i used to stream and all these but as i said just to share and it was in their server while not streaming, they are not streaming of course, btw i got the Clan leader of the clan and the Co-Leader so its a clan thingy,gotta see demos first, it is just for u guys to see some increidible stupidity, so bad they wont get in MLB but hopefully one day they will make the decision to join a streaming server and thats the day they will make it thru lol.

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