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Came across someone hacking BF4 this morning


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Hey there, I'm not sure exactly where to post this.

I was playing some BF4 this morning and came across someone who seems to be cheating, other people in the game feel the same way about him, Here's a video I made while spectating him.  I wanted to record more but the game crashed.  this is what I got. 


In this you can see that he seems to know where the players are. He also seems to snap over to enemies when he aims, Not sure if he's using true aimbot though. Also he's instant killing people with that pistol.


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link removed.
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i removed the link as that is called "name and shame "

we do not ban for videos from battlefield 4. it does not have a built-in demo creator.

all evidence must be streamed to us from servers utilizing our PBBans|Hub and PunkBuster software



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