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they banned me


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good afternoon, my respects to all
I have a problem since a long time ago I cannot enter battlefield 4 it tells me that I have been banned
I contacted ea game in chat and they suggested that I ticked punkbuster, I did it but they did not answer me, it is the only game that has given me that problem recently, I installed it again to see if it was an error but the problem continues
I explain, I do advertising gameplay for ea game for the new games that will come, I can't understand why that happened to me
I already did all the repair protocol, check the registry and the problem continues. I asked my son if he did something wrong with the game and he says no
I told him if I discover a trap, my son will go wrong
Can you please help me, what should I do? Thank you very much

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I'm sorry but we do not have control over global bans, only evenbalance can lift global bans. You could submit a trouble ticket to them but unfortunately they haven't answered tickets for more than 2 years now and we don't know why that is. I'm sorry we cannot help any further.



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