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PunkBuster Update


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Hello everyone.
I am an admin server on the game and I would like some information.


I have a server at i3d and 4netplayer.
At i3d I have a lot of people who are kicked because punkbuster is not up to date, the reason: "This PB Server Requires (A1388 C2.324) - Error loading pbcl". The problem is that I have the impression that punkbuster does not try to update the player client. 

At 4netplayer it happens too but less and in the console I noticed that punkbuster is able to update the client of some players (dvcgFFk.png)



I don't understand why at i3d it doesn't update the players, is there a special configuration?

Thank you for reading. And yes, there are still people on this game! 😅

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pb_Security 0 // allow pb-update downloads from ANY (game-)server


... players of legacy games are adivsed to add this line inside  C:\....\GameName\pb\pbcl.cfg 


, file usually already exists -- // ;Auto Generated by PunkBuster Client -- so a search should work if PATH is unclear (commonly winAll > xp)

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