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Md5 kick


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May i ask if there is any solution . 

Recently got an amd gpu. Tried everything some drivers some changes in drivers in the game . Everywhere !  


The only thing that helps me and the game runs without artifacts or sudden screen freezes mainly from throwed flashes, is DXVK vulkan wrapper for dx9.


But from a server i get kicked for md5 missmatch.  


Nothing i can do ? Ahh and yes its the only server with pbbans msges . Normal servers with usual pb do not affect me. 



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Not "a pbbans problem" tbh. ive recommended different to particular server admin (like, remove useless outdated scans, it just causes issues for no benefit)


As for a fix, just move what you added to the game's directory - all (entirely legit = non cheat) files regarding "DXVK vulkan wrapper for dx9" as you quoted - to another directory, so the game will still load them ... so you have your bug-fix (it isnt, its just a workaround, right) & paranoid/clueless/aciL0Lprotected/immunetoadvice/banhappy admins will be still happy as they will get to see ... nada 


In general: Games loading d3d*.dll and .dll in general always will check:

1.) game directory

2.) game directory /subfolders

3.) files in operating system's PATH (and usually will find C:\Windows\system32\d3d*.dll)
    ...in that particular order


Foolproof fix:

1.) open an explorer.exe window in game directory (where you put the d3d9.dll)

2.) there, create a new directory, give it a random name

3.) move the files in question to the new directory gamedirectory\newrandomname

4.) add the new directory to windows' PATH environment:

    several methods, ex via
    -  4.a.) Windows gui
              control panel > System > Advanced system settings > Advanced > Environment Variables
              workspace/rightclick/properties/Advanced system settings > Advanced > Environment Variables

                   add ;c:\pathtogamedirectory\newrandomname\; 1) in front of C:\Windows\...
              ... see  https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000549.htm

      -  or  4.b.)  ...


launch a  cmd.exe  console-window with admin rights (google) :


C:\Users\Yourusername> PATH


or similar


C:\Users\Yourusername> path>C:\BackupPath.txt


... and issue the  PATH-addition  accordingly, just like:


setx PATH "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\America's Army\AAPG\Binaries\DXVK\;%path%" 

setx PATH "C:\Program Files (x86)\America's Army\AAPG\Binaries\DXVK\;%path%"


in quotes - Note, these are just random examples,
you have to customize the input accordingly  (here random name is "DXVK" w/h quotes)

check the result  by C:\Users\Yourusername> PATH



ref  https://www.windows-commandline.com/set-path-command-line/



1)  to get this to work, new PATH to the directX addition/fix has to be loaded prior to C:\Windows\system32 , otherwise game will likely find, load and run the default crash direct3D ... just post back in case


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