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Could somebody please tell me what I did wrong , I have been playing on Et for 2 yrs and never ever used a cheat all of a sudden I wanted to try a new server ABC due to orginal map server which I prefer and I get a CVAR (#9001) - Cvar *removed* = 7 ban I play on elitekillas and bc servers for years and they are puzzled with violation its not that i'am good or anything just average player i'am so puzzled i wish i could go to the abc clan server seems i can't find it to find out violation maybe the crew here at PB could explain it to me





The clan members from elitekillas and bc servers will till you that I don't have a hack :ban: :cryingsmiley:

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I did try to appeal and got this




This is an automated message and you will recieve no response should you reply to this e-mail.


After review of your ban, your appeal for the guid f42b03c079dfffc9821aefd118240649 has been denied.


Your ban info can be found here: f42b03c079dfffc9821aefd118240649


I could show u my main et config and maybe you can tell me were the violation is I don't have a clue

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