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a few questions


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The last server had was fixed against all the known crashes, now im having trouble patching the sof2ded binary file! i just cant seem to find a solution for the sof2guidboom! i found the thing by luigi and cant make head nor tail of it!


If someone could help me with this i would be greatfull!


Also my server has been running on port 20100, but for some strange reason it will not work on it now! works on all others fine! Anyone know what could cause this to happen? Its not a major problem but its annoying me to hell!! I tried setting up a clean new instalation but it simply wont work on that port!

p.s,, as far as i am aware there is no other process on the server using that port and when i look in the console window it all seems to be working correctly! it just will not show up in the server list!

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