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this may not have naything to do with pb but i still need help...agian


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When i log on to the server i usually play on it loads up fine and then it lets me in fer like maybe 5 seconds and disconnects me and say Server Disconnected for Unknown Reason. Hopefully you guys can come through for me agian plz... <_<

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Does it happen on all servers?

When you are connected, does it show a your correct name?


Usually the server log shows more information about reasons for disconnects, maybe ask the server admin to check it.

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Youve been banned thats why :) I know this message all too well...and well it says "Server Disconnected for Unknown reason" but if you keep trying and trying it should EVENTUALLY show you the correct message...which is that youve been banned.


Usually happens when you get banned by "g_banip 12.34*"


But yeah, your definately banned lol

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