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MY Laptop is connected to my pc and my pc is connected to internet :P




LAPTOP--->net board 1 [PC] net board 2 ----->INTERNET :rolleyes:


PROBLEM :angry:


I have a server.

I connect to the server using the pc

when i try to connect both to my server one of them is disconnected without reason. :blink:

what i need to do ? :mellow:


THX guys B)

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Most likely you will probably have to change the default port on your laptop that ET uses, this is because by default they both use the same port (27960 I think), which stops both of you connecting because your using the same IP and same port too :P...Someone else might be able to provide info on how to change the port...but off the top of my head i dont know :)


You have the same IP, some servers may restrict the number of same IP's that can connect (Usually more then 2 though).


This is because there are some malicious tools that flood servers with random players in an effort to fill the server and make it unusable...So the admins may of just imposed an IP Limit.




If the server is running NoQuarter or etadmin and both of your computers have Win98 or some how have the same ETPRO GuID..these mods automatically and can be manually set up to stop players connecting which have the same ETPRO Guids...same for PB Guid too


The top answer should be your reason...but theother two are just incase :P


P.S Sorry I DO know what im talking about :)...I just suck at explaining

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Absolutely correct, you simply can't connect to a server (old quake engine issue; google quake or q3 + set port) from the same IP/port . That includes the Master Servers that are needed to browse online gameservers.




Each computer uses a different port number. Add 1 for each player starting with 27660 (ET/RtCW/q3 ... or standard port of the game used)


Ports: 27660 (+1 for each player)



Try to start ET with a Windows-shortcut (create one and edit properties) or ET.bat


PC1: Drive:\Path\ET.exe +set net_port 27660


PC2: Drive:\Path\ET.exe +set net_port 27661





of course you need 2 different GUIDs as well, should be a solvable problem in ET ...

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