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Hello all.

I have just joined and I am happy to be a part of whats right. To the point. I have been using F.E.A.R. since it first came out. There has been times of obvious hacking activity, but just this past week or so, I have seen a huge increase in the activity. I cant say why, but it is very apparent. Speed hacks are one of the more obvious ones, but most definatly aimbot hacks are being used with reckless abandon. I had to join you to voice my concerns. Although I would supprot the vast majority of the clans, there are a few new kids on the block that seem to be... how can you say it...superhuman. Life is simple, to get to be good, it takes some time, some less than others. But if your new to the servers and you walk in like that, 2+3 does not equal 10! I dont know how you go about investigating these activities, but please be advised it is very obvious. I have been on a few of the longstanding clan servers, and listened to other players as well. Not out of anger, but hey we are here to have fun.


Thanks Guys


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Welcome Paybax!


One thing you could do is get your F.E.A.R. Servers streaming to PBBans.

As streaming admin u get full access to our:


- MPI3 (Master Player index with search for linked GUId's IP etc.)

- MCI (Master Config Index where we collect all positive recognition for cheats and MD5 Stockfile checks to check original gamefiles)

- MBI (Master Ban Index - our full ban index of all streaming servers collected together divided per game)


To get your fear servers streaming look at the streaming howto's and FAQ's in the streaming requests forums

or use my win32 setup guide for fear wich also covers the streaming part.




Cheers and welcome to our community!

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