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  1. Case: Chenbro Gaming Bomb Processor: Intel® Core2Duo™ E6400 @ 2x 2.13GHz Memory: 2048MB DDR2-667 DualChannel Hard Drive: 250 GB SATA / 300 250 GB ATA/133 Video Card: ATI Radeon X1950Pro PCIe Monitor: IIyama ProLite E435S Sound Card: Realtek HD Audio input / Realtek HD Audio output Speakers/Headphones: Creative Inspire 5.1 surround Keyboard: Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard (USB) Mouse: Logitech MX500 Mouse Surface: Q-pad Operating System: Windows XP Professional
  2. Oh common! Don't let it die now :D http://tweakers.net/gallery/14917?inv_id=67992#tab:inventaris specs: -Asus P8P78Deluxe -Intel Core i7 2600K (@4.8Ghz) -2x Sapphire HD7850 OC Edition 2GB (Crossfire) -3x 24" LG Flattron E2441 FullHD LED panel (eyefinity) -G110 keyboard G500s mouse -100/10 MB cable connection -Netgear WNDR3700 router -Full duplex 1000MB network (Cat5e)
  3. LOL! This thread ran on after I left? NICE :D compared to my old specs here: Nowadays: Intel Core i7 2600K + 16GB GeiL Black-Dragon DDR3 on P8P67 Deluxe mainboard 2x Sapphire (ATI) HD5830 MW2 Edition in Crossfire setup Thermaltake V9 Black Edition case and offcourse latest Logitech gameseries mouse/keyboard wired :) 3x Samsung widescreen 22" in eyefinity ** this thread brings back memories :)
  4. What are Locked Names? Locked names lets the serveradmin restrict who can use certain nicknames on his/her server I will use as example in this tutorial my own nickname "|5chaap2k" and "ADMIN", This is not the same as Registerred Tags and is FREE. Why should i use Locked names? Mainly two, and both related to lazyness :D 1st - For admin's you don't get people impersonating you on your own servers 2nd - For Casual players or clanmembers you'll know in one sight if it's really them swearing/cursing in your server without the need of checking their PBguids/IP's What information do I need?? You need the following information of the players u wish to protect by locking their names: - Ingame name/Alias. - Punkbuster Guid pb_myguid in console, or just look them up in the MPI4 if you're a Streaming Game Admin How to setup a server to use it? If you want to use Locked names on your server, you must edit pbsv.cfg with the following command: pb_sv_NameLock [GUID] [NAME] Where u replace [GUID] with your PBguid and [NAME] with the nickname/alias u wish to lock to it. Example of my namelocks (guids are fictional): // Locked names on this server pb_sv_namelock a211387836de22f472f488f436f329ba |5chaap2k pb_sv_namelock a211387836de22f472f488f436f329ba admin Save the config, and restart PB (pb_sv_restart) to make it active :)
  5. 5chaap2k


    Hey als je het stokje overneemt kun je dan aan maydax of fozzer vragen om jou moderator te maken? kom er net achter dat ik hier nog moderator ben terwijl ik maar 1x in de 3 maanden nog lees hier... :lol:
  6. 5chaap2k


    buff ik heb vandaag alles geregeld en vanaf nu ben jij moderator :) als eerste taak kun je dit topic unpinnen ;)
  7. It's not possible to stream bf2142 demo-servers because they issue the same UID to every player in the server and every mapchange/server-restart that UID and also the Punkbuster GUID changes into another.. (can't even change it with the guidrelax setting) this can make a real mess of the MPI3 as i just discovered while looking up myself in the mpi3 (image attached below)
  8. :lol: after 6 months i need to update my md5/cvar scans.. but my retired status makes it show only pbsv atm :lol: and yes server is still active and streaming ;)
  9. uh my SGA status is ok.. it's the MCi itself that doesnt let me see MD5/CVAR cfg for any game :P i need them for BF2142 and BF1942 :) MD5's only
  10. or can another SGA PM me the BF2142 MD5cfg in [.code] tags?
  11. 5chaap2k


    neuh dit is grappiger :P
  12. 5chaap2k

    [MOD]CoopWarfare 0.7 OUT NOW!

    While im reading back here a bit (havent been here for a month or 3) why not post something to spice up fear abit :) ITS OUT!! B) Coop Warfare 0.7 Changelog: Maps: * New maps: Clone Crisis, Underground Factory * Updated older maps where possible * Fixed the support of SP maps on retail clients Weapons: * We now have a working Flamethrower * Throwing Knifes! (you get them with every loadout) (use "Next Grenade" key to select) * A new "secret" weapon: the Shotty Pistol(s) (available in Docks Coop) * You can now carry 5 weapons by default * You can place up to 10 (instead of 5) remotes and proxies now * Two new special loadouts: "Nade Whore" and "Ninja" Gameplay: * Dynamic difficulty based on the number of players * Max Armor is now at 150 * Certain enemies now drop pickups when they die (not sure about the medkits though) (PowerArmor: Medkit, HeavyArmor: Light Armor, Assassin: Health Injector) * Added the ability to buy weapons with your score (has to be included in map design, a few maps support it) * Gore: Gibbing reduced, but severing will occure more often Editor/Mapping: * CountPlayers command to get number of Players on a server Can be used for a wide variety of dynamic events * CustomDifficulty command for turning dynamic difficulty off in own maps Can be used if a mapper wants to implement own difficulty adjustment methods. * BuyWeapon command: To be used in weapon vendors * Additional arithmetic operators: mult, div, and mod * BoostHitPoints command for AI. Changes AI's Health to a specified percentage. Link: http://coopwarfare.lithfaq.com also: http://games.xs4all.nl Server will be up in an hr after posting this :)
  13. 5chaap2k

    HowTo: Server Streamed maken

    buffsnuggles. ik kan niet meer in de staff forums omdat ik gestopt ben als admin, maar welkom alsnog en mooi om te zien dat er een nederlander is die het stokje van me over heeft genomen!
  14. ik zie je bericht je nu pas, op mijn blog vind je meer info over mijn afwezigheid:


  15. 5chaap2k

    My resignation

  16. 5chaap2k

    Punkbuster exploit wat is er van waar..

    je server loopt dus geen gevaar, daar hoef je niet bang voor te zijn. Het is alleen lastig voor ons omdat we nu nog strenger op onze SGA's moetten letten :)
  17. 5chaap2k

    Punkbuster exploit wat is er van waar..

    pm mij even de bron van je verhaal gaarne niet hier posten. 90% kans dat het gebakken lucht is maar we nemen elke (mogelijke) dreiging serieus :)
  18. 5chaap2k

    Me Server krijgt een eigen wil :(

    in PB kun je instellen hoeveel ss ie moet bewaren, dus als de nummering maar van 00 tot 99 mag lopen begint ie na 99 weer bij 00 zoek even op de forums naar punkbuster screenshot configuration dan zul je wat mooie voorbeelden krijgen :)
  19. 5chaap2k

    Me Server krijgt een eigen wil :(

    is een serverinstelling in CoD zelf, (idle player kick)
  20. 5chaap2k

    Omdat je het vroeg xD

    je hebt het antwoord al in 2 talen, en daar sluit ik mij bij aan ;)
  21. 5chaap2k

    Vreemde bans

    oke :)
  22. 5chaap2k

    Vreemde bans

    als je me een banlink geeft kan ik je misschien het een en ander uitleggen..
  23. 5chaap2k

    Vista 64 Bit hung up while playing on PB Server

    manually download and install the PB-Services http://evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsvcfaq.php and run the game as an administrator rightclick the game icon > Run as Administrator
  24. 5chaap2k

    1.1.0 Server Files released

    and if u keep getting the "not installed correctly" errors please make sure u also have installed: - Microsoft .net Framework 2.0 - Microsoft DirectX 10 - AEIGA PhysX driver

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