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alright so here it is......i do admit to being a hack, i was playing one of them zombie servers and this guy goes "GOD!!! I LOVE THIS NEW HACK!", and i ask wtf are you talking about? he says go to xxXXXX.com or something like that....(look it up at google to find the site) so i went there and downloaded what was called multihack RAR.....it was cool for the one day that i downloaded it but after that i was sick of it. i started looking around the C:\program files\activision\call of duty 2 directery file area to find and delete it but i cant find the little piece of crap ANYWHERE!! i know what i did was incredibly stupid and i seriously regret ever downloading it. I NEED TO KNOW HOW THE HELL TO GET IT OFF MY COMPUTER!!!!! ---> whenever i get onto a server it bans me and says BLOBAL punkbuster GUID BAN 7e34ffb6.......seriously guys help me out here, i hate this bullcrap hack.....HELP!! IM SORRY!! please if anybody has any news of how to get rid of this hack, send it to [email protected] HELP!!!

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