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Is there anything else to do???


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OK, I set up HUB and am streaming. What is my next step?


I've noticed punkbuster kicking a couple of guys for MD5 tool:

[01.07.2007 12:11:40] VIOLATION (IGNORING QUERIES) #9013: escbob (slot #9) Ignoring MD5Tool Queries [43bd3191578e29af026cbcd65357cb6d(VALID)]


What does this mean? I know this guy, he's not a cheat. Is this bad?

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No its not bad, you will see a lot of these and they are primarily caused by connection problems.


Edit (about 30 seconds later): Fast fingers RodeoBob, you beat me :P

Edited by mcsteve
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Kicks and Bans are two different critters :)


A server can be setup to "kick" for a variety of things....and those things could all be non-bannable offenses. PBBans uses the violations identified by PunkBuster as the basis for bans. They range from Aimbot, Wallhack, Multihack, PB Hack, etc. You may also notice a few bans appear that come from CVAR and MD5Tool scans. These scans take PunkBuster one step further and bans people using or possessing known cheats on their computers.

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