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Hi guys,


I am very new to all this and just after a couple of peices of advice.


We have had recently more and more of wall hackers on our Special Forces Losers-Server. anyway.


I recently added pbbans.com to the server config but thats all i have done. I got the number 4897 from my server pbbans thing.. but thats it. What do i do now as we use multiplay as our server hosts..


Just a simple guide would be handy. i tried the FAQ at the top and as i said i am new and didnt understand certain parts..


Thanks alot

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I dont completely understand your situation..


are you running a dedicated server or just using the "ingame create server" button?

if so is punkbuster enabled? without pb streaming wont work :)


please let me know on wich part of the streaming guide u get stuck :)

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Hi Guys,


Thanks for your quick response.. I realised i had setup the server with punkbusted.com.. I have since changed to pbbans.com and hopefully i will sort it..


No wonder i couldnt work it out.


Thanks again.. Will post if i get stuck

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If you need any help whatsoever setting it up to stream, please let us know :)


The PBBans staff can be reached in IRC. Server = Quakenet Channel = #pbbans


You can join our IRC channel for a quick session using this java applet: http://www.pbbans.com/irc/pbbans.php


I can be reached via MSN at [email protected]

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