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Trouble with Demos


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Hey guys. We just recently switched boxes and lost the old config. When i want to record a demo to try and catch a wallhacker, it says g_synchronous lcients must be set to 1. so when i change it to 1, there is massive lag. I want to be bale to record demos so i can post them here for a ban and i cannot do that using a 3rd party program. So could soemone please tell me how to fix this problem. also, g_autodemo for rocmod 2.1c doesnt work. I have it set in the config but no luck. I want the auto demo in matchmode. Can anyone please help me with these prolems.


Much appreciated



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you have lag because you didnt change g_synchronousclients to 0 after started recording the demo, you can try this:


I'm going to bind the key "j" to start recoding a demo and the key "k" to stop recoding the demo


bind j "g_synchronousclients 1; record; g_synchronousclients 0"


bind k "stoprecord"


as you can see the key "j" will change synchronousclients to 0 after start recording and you are not going to have lag.




and for match mode recording, you need to have on your cfg:


cg_autoDemo "1"




and the server needs to have:


g_autoMatchDemo "1"


and when the match start, the demo will start recording automatically

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Here is a Demo script just copy and paste into notepad save as demo.cfg place in all your folders and in game type exec demo.cfg or you can manually set the keys yourself just reassign them in the config.


//demo script

bind F6 "vstr demo"

set demo "vstr start"

set start "g_synchronousClients 1; record; g_synchronousClients 0; set demo vstr stop"

set stop "stoprecord; set demo vstr start"


//slow motion

bind F3 "vstr slomo"

set slomo "vstr lospeed"

set lospeed "timescale 0.90; wait 10; timescale 0.70; wait 10; timescale 0.50; wait 10; timescale 0.40; set slomo vstr hispeed"

set hispeed "timescale 0.60; wait; timescale 0.80; wait; timescale 1; set slomo vstr lospeed"


//fast motion

bind F4 "vstr fast"

set fast "vstr 2x"

set 2x "timescale 2; set fast vstr 1x"

set 1x "timescale 1; set fast vstr 2x"

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I cant find that cvar anywhere in any of my server or roc cfg's and know for a fact the auto match demo feature works on my servers. I'm gonna paste them here for you to look over...


Here's the server cfg.....


// This file is automatically executed by SoF2MP.exe


sets "Admin" "-=|AKA|=-Sandrock"

sets "Admin E-Mail" "[email protected]"

sets "URL" "www.akaclan.org"

sets "Hours" "24/7"

sets "Clan" "-=|AKA|=-"

sets ".Configured By" "Sandrock"

sets "Hosted By" "Heret!c-Host!ng"


seta sv_hostname "^$-=|^,AKA^$|=- ^3SCRIM!!"

seta g_motd "^1Welcome to your end"

seta g_gametype "ctf"


seta rconPassword ""

set g_anonymousadmin "1"

set g_allowadminghost "1"

seta g_needpass "0"

seta g_password ""

seta sv_maxclients "18"

seta sv_privateClients "0"

seta sv_privatePassword ""

seta sv_minclients "1"

seta g_maxGameClients "18"

seta g_minGameClients "2"

seta g_maxPlayers "18"

seta sv_minPing "0"

seta sv_maxPing "300"

seta sv_minRate "4500"

seta sv_maxRate "10000"

seta sv_punkbuster "1"

seta sv_pure "1"


seta sv_allowDownload "1"

seta sv_allowAnonymous "0"

seta sv_zombietime "5"

seta sv_reconnectlimit "3"

seta sv_padPackets "0"

seta sv_fps "20"

seta sv_floodProtect "1"

seta sv_timeout "90"

seta sv_scannerfile "scanlist.cfg"

seta g_timeouttospec "0"

seta g_weaponrespawn "0"

seta g_backpackRespawn "15"

seta g_respawnInvulnerability "4"

seta g_respawnInterval "8"

seta g_inactivity "600"

seta g_warmup "20"

seta g_doWarmup "1"

seta g_friendlyfire "1"

seta g_synchronousclients "0"

seta g_adaptrespawn "1"

seta g_smoothClients "0"

seta g_pickupsdisabled "1"

seta g_followEnemy "0"

seta g_forceFollow "3"

seta g_suddenDeath "1"

seta g_gore "0"

seta g_suicidePenalty "-1"

seta g_noTeamSwitching "0"

seta g_teamForceBalance "1"

seta g_teamAutoJoin "1"


seta g_allowvote "1"

seta g_voteDuration "30"

seta g_failedVoteDelay "60"

seta g_voiceFloodCount "6"

seta g_voiceFloodPenalty "60"

seta g_failedVoteDelay "1"

seta g_voteKickBanTime "2"


seta com_SoundMegs "16"

seta com_HunkMegs "64" //DO NOT EDIT

seta com_zoneMegs "16"


//Client Vote Restrictions

seta novote_map_restart "0"

seta novote_mapcycle "0"

seta novote_map "0"

seta novote_g_gametype "0"

seta novote_kick "0"

seta novote_clientkick "0"

seta novote_g_doWarmup "1"

seta novote_timelimit "1"

seta novote_scorelimit "1"

seta novote_rmgmap "1"

seta novote_referee "1"


seta sv_wwwDownload "1"

// Master Servers

seta sv_master5 ""

seta sv_master4 ""

seta sv_master3 "master0.gamespy.com"

seta sv_master2 "clanservers.net"

seta sv_master1 "master.sof2.ravensoft.com"



seta logfile "3"

seta g_log "games.log"

seta g_logSync "1"

seta g_logHits "1"






seta sv_mapcycle "aka.mapcycle" //mapcycle file



exec "sof2_roc.cfg" //CFG file to run other rocmod options


...and the roc.cfg


set sv_adminfile "admin.cfg"

set sv_sysopfile "sysop.cfg"

set sv_extracmdsfile "extracmds.cfg"

set sv_voicecmdsfile "voicecmds.cfg"

set sv_modclient "1"


set sv_logo "gfx/blank.png"

set sv_weaponMod "ext_data/sof2.wpn"



set g_motdEnabled "1"

set g_motdDisplayTime "5"


set g_motd1 "^7Hosted @ Heret!c-Host!ng.com"

set g_motd2 ""

set g_motd3 "^$**ATTENTION** Server is RD **ATTENTION**"

set g_motd4 "^-Be a good sport, we dont want crybabies"

set g_motd5 "^-Excessive ^1Teamkilling ^-will not be tolerated"

set g_motd6 "^-Hackers will be ^$burnt to a crisp"

set g_motd7 "^$We are running enhanced PB with md5 scans"

set g_motd8 "^*Type ^_/sounds in console ^-for a list of sounds"

set g_motd9 "^_RocMod ^3Version 2.1c"

set g_motd10 "^_/? in console for RocMod Help"


//server message


set g_messageEnabled "0"

set g_messageStart "360"

set g_messageInterval "15"


set g_message1 "^1Download custom maps at ^7www.sof2files.com"

set g_message2 "^3We are currently ^1recruiting ^3good players"

set g_message3 "^3Go to ^$www.akaclan.org for more details"

set g_message4 "@835 ^3WELCOME to ^$-=|^,AKA^$|=- ^3Rocmod"

set g_message5 ""

set g_message6 ""

set g_message7 ""

set g_message8 ""

set g_message9 ""

set g_message10 ""



set g_teamkillnodouble "0"

set g_teamkillAutoPenaltyBox "000"

set g_teamkillAutoPenaltyBoxTime "00"

set g_teamkillWarning "0"

set g_teamkillBackfire "0"

set g_teamkillVoteKick "0"


set g_flagstealAutoPenaltyBox "0"

set g_flagstealAutoPenaltyBoxTime "30"

set g_flagstealWarning "0"


set g_spawnkillAutoPenaltyBox "0"

set g_spawnkillAutoPenaltyBoxTime "0"

set g_spawnkillWarning "0"

set g_spawnkillBackfire "0"


set g_voiceCommandsEnabled "1"


//admin powers


set g_allowTalk "0211"

set g_allowChat "0211"

set g_allowKick "0211"

set g_allowBan "0200"

set g_allowCancelVote "0200"

set g_allowPassVote "0200"

set g_allowWarmup "0200"

set g_allowFriendlyFire "0200"

set g_allowMute "0200"

set g_allowStrike "0200"

set g_allowSlap "0200"

set g_allowStrip "0200"

set g_allowSwitch "0200"

set g_allowPenalty "0200"

set g_allowGametype "0211"

set g_allowMapRestart "0211"

set g_allowMapcycle "0200"

set g_allowSetMap "0200"

set g_allowRMG "0200"

set g_allowExtendTime "0211"

set g_allowTimelimit "0211"

set g_allowScorelimit "0211"

set g_allowSwapTeams "0211"

set g_allowShuffleTeams "0200"

set g_allowEndMap "0211"

set g_allowLockTeam "0211"

set g_allowSuspendAll "0200"

set g_allowVote "0200"

set g_allowFry "0200"

set g_allowLaunch "0200"

set g_allowExplode "0200"

set g_allowPlant "0200"

set g_allowTelefrag "0200"

set g_allowSurrender "0200"

set g_allowRespawn "0200"

set g_allowBait "0200"

set g_allowEvenTeams "0211"

set g_allowInvite "0211"

set g_allowForceSay "0200"

set g_allowSwap "0211"

set g_allowClanVsAll "0211"

set g_allowPause "0211"

set g_allowUnPause "0211"

set g_allowPbKick "0200"

set g_allowPbBan "0200"

set g_allowPbGetSS "0211"

set g_allowFreezeMap "0211"

set g_allowMatch "0211"

set g_allowDummy "0200"

set g_allowNoVote "0200"

set g_allowRename "0200"

set g_allowCvarCheck "0211"

set g_allowCfg "0200"

set g_allowTag "0200"

set g_allowTagVsAll "0200"

set g_allowCripple "0200"

set g_allowBackfire "0200"

set g_allowPassword "1200"

set g_allowReset "1200"


set g_allowCustomTeams "1"

set g_customBlueName "^4BLUE"

set g_customBlueShade "0,0,100"

set g_customRedName "^$RED"

set g_customRedCode "1"

set g_customRedShade "100,0,0"

set g_disableAdminInPenaltyBox "1"

set g_bestStatsMinKills "1"

set g_bestStatsTime "10"

set g_allowColorNames "1"

set g_allowWarmupFriendlyFire "1"

set g_realisticSniper "1"

set g_realisticShotgun 1"

set g_intermissionDelay "15"

set g_defaultPenaltyBoxTime "30"

set g_teamChangeDeath "0"

set g_voiceTalkingGhosts "1"

set g_timeRemaining "1"

set g_suspendedAdmin "1"

set g_inactivitySpectator "0"

set g_explosionGore "1"

set g_anonymousAdmin "0"

set g_killSpree "1"

set g_sysopImmuneToAdmin "0"

set g_mapcycleSwapTeams "1"

set g_mapcycleShuffleTeams "0"

set g_verifyClients "1"

set g_verifyClientsTime "45"

set g_protectClan "1"


//file scanning

set g_scannerInterval "300"

set g_scannerRepeat "3"

set g_scannerDefaultAction "3"


perhaps try my roc.cfg and see what happens?? Hope I helped!

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@ Mike

if you have FTP just add at the end of your roc.cfg


seta g_autoMatchDemo "1"





also make sure on your computer (not on the server) you have this:


seta cg_autoDemo "1"







@ Sandrock


do you have 1 more cfg on the server called sof2mp.cfg? because that cvar is not on my roc.cfg or in my server.cfg, that cvar is in my sof2mp.cfg

on some servers, that cvar is inside of roc.cfg

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