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Sig in php?


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I was wondering what my chances were on getting a look at the script used to call the info to the sig, what I wanted to do was make a block in php/html on my site to display the bans instead of using a sig. Much like this one I'm using now for another program:

Posted Image


I can PM an admin the code i plan to modify if you wanted to check it out first, dont wanna paste it in the open forum considering I didn't write it and don't wanna get into any problems for distributing it. Anyway, thanks in advance.

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lol...ok, I wanna get the information that displays in the sig...to display in a php-nuke block, and for me to be able to do that i'd need to know two things; the name of the php file and what calls the data to the sig, for example maybe the sigs call usersig.php with an account number argument.... and from that it asks for $cheaters which would print the number of cheaters caught for that account number, $active would possibly print the # of active servers for that account number, etc. etc.


I am asking if it is possible for me to obtain that information from someone. If not thats fine, I figured it didnt hurt to ask though.


What the script does is uses @fopen to call your php file that you use to gather the information for the sigs, then it asks for $active, $cheaters, etc just like the sigs do, but instead of taking that info and printing it on a png like a sig would, it prints it onto my block, just like the picture i put in the first post which is the one i use for PsB. Assuming you're familiar with php, I could probably PM you the script to better explain what exactly im talking about and asking you for if you'd like.

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