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just a question


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im new here and im wonderin about should u report people who hack/cheat on servers with punkbuster turned off? should they be reported or left alone to just hack/cheat on the non-punkbuster servers

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Ask the server owner to stream here...they will get banned..In the mean time it's all up to the owner and the admins to do the bans..chances are if you streamed you'd see most of the "cheaters" you see today are probably already on the master ban list here and would not be allowed onto your server again..but ,,,you gotta stream :]

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thanks but i also have another question. ok heres what happened. i join the server and im playing a little and everything seems fine. then some guy starts accusing a guy of hacking. he was spectating the guy and he said he got proof that he was using a wall hack or something. This was a server with no punkbuster turned on as it turned out (i checked after i left the server). Should that guy have been or should he be banned or it is just up to the server owner and admins? Does punkbuster have the right to ban people from all servers with punkbuster on them even though the guy was on a non-punkbuster server?

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ok, 1st, no..pb cant ban people on a non-pb server....only the admins there can... now, as to accusations... if someone says "he must be cheating" ,,,, i get that alot,,99 percent of the time some new guy just got beat up by an old pro...again, I get that alot,,,, I use no sound and have fun to break the boredomn by going for headshots ,,,my best yet is 60\5 to win the map with 53 headshots....I get called a cheater alot,,, I'm not,,,I'm just skilled w\ yrs of gaming... The only TRUE way to catch a cheater is to stream.....admins\sysops are good but mostly its a speculation call,,,sometimes they kick\ban REALinnocent skilled players cause they think they hack,,PBBans doesnt ban for skills...they monitor your game w\ various md5\cvar checks...if a player comes on andgets busted by them then there was not wrong judgement,,the proof is there... they only ban when 100 percent proof is at hand...just lok at the thousands of bans so far...no guess work, they do the work for you :]

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