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need help


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is this a hack or no? i caught it earlier today and i have no idea whats goin on. if it is and an admin here sees it and would like the info such as server ip, player ip, my ip, etc whatever you need to know i got all that. but again it may not be anything at all. sorry if im not doin this in the right place.


we run a 42 man server thats populated all the time, and i just figured out you could do this screenshot thingy i think its a good idea. gj to whoever thought up this one.


sorry im new to this but i hope someone can help out!!!


have a nice day!




edit--- i took the link down because in another post it says not to post names of cheaters. can i send the pb screenshot to someone to look at maybe?



again sorry for the rules

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mackel their is a screenshot and demo uploading forum you have to go to with instructions in a topic at top of page.

You have to have a streaming server and i think be a game admin to submit.

If you can see the forum for submisions then i guess you can post and ask ?

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I have seen this type of screenshot a lot on the rtcw servers that I admin. It's most likely a anisoptric filtering or anti-aliasing setting. Here's a thread that I created to help people get their game looking right in a PB_SS http://www.wolfplayer.us/forums/viewtopic.php?t=147 I don't allow people to keep playing on my servers with their screenshots looking like that.

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