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<_< I am new to this forum and this might sound a little dumb.... <_< But is that guy xms a hacker if im reading it right lol?? If he is,

I also recently found out about a hack that was finally detected by PB and thankgod as that one was a doozy, it was a hack from (EDIT: Please don't post links to hack sites on these forums....thanks)...(hmmm imagine that that XMS guys initials are the same but twisted :o go figure!!! If you go to that website they tell you about it and say that they are working on getting that fixed so that the hack can be used again in a pb server. What losers!!!! :angry: :angry:

I have been changing games alot lately because all of the darn hackers are ruining the reall challenge of the game. Even in Matching on the TWL gaming league its not even worth it anymore as we all know that hacks are getting passed pb, and we dont know who is legit and whos not.. :( Why cant they just have there own games and servers to hack against each other to see who is the best hacker. I love gaming since i got hooked on MOHAA years ago and have matched online for a few years now but my clan just left the ladder after we saw the ability of that hack from the hacker place.

I am grateful that it has been figured out and pb is aware of it now. Just be aware that they are working on getting it working again as with all LOSERS they never stop trying to ruin everything and anything that they have no knowledge of or skill in!!!! :angry: :angry: :) If i am wrong about that XMS guy and did misread it, I apologise!!! :) Didnt mean to rant my first time here, but i am just so darn tired of hackers ruining a game that i took the time to gain skill in. I have been told by some players in the past which i see as pathetic, that you can gain skill by playing against hackers...But infact you only gain "Real Skill" by playing against legit good players that earned their skill. Anyway, sorry to type so much...lol : :o guess its a woman thing, once i start6 its hard to stop!!! :)

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Yes, you are correct he is a hacker.


Welcome to our site.....first rule of thumb....please don't post links to cheat sites in the open public forums. Thanks.

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