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please help


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Hi, sorry to be such a newb.

I just got my FEAR server running the latest PB Version and I want to set up my server to hub stream to


PBbans. I dont know how to access rcon and pb web tool and have been unsuccessful trying.

I have ftp access to my pro hosted server and have uploaded the two files pbucon.use and pbbans_hub.cfg and

the command pb_sv_load pbbans_hub.cfg added to the pbsv.cfg

I get an unable to connect error when trying to use the PB web tool.

i have added the following to the pbsv.cfg

pb_sv_HttpAddr xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

pb_sv_HttpPort xxxxx

pb_sv_HttpKey password


i have submitted a support ticket to PB with no response yet.


thanks in advance for any help.

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The support ticket at PB will not answer your questions about streaming to PBBans.


The first thing you need to do is update your profile information:


Clan/Group Tag: NONE

Clan/Group/League Name: No Information

Clan/Group/League Website: No Information

Game Server IP Address and Port:

Game Played: F.E.A.R

Are you a Server Admin?: Yes

Want to Stream to PBBans?: Yes


We must have the top 3 items filled in to help validate your status as a server admin and for proper account management here at PBBans.


Once you have that done, contact me or one of the staff here: http://www.pbbans.com/irc/pbbans.php


We will be able to help walk you through setting up streaming. With what you listed above, you appear to be confusing the Hub with the Rep method of streaming :)

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