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is this guy cheating?


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hello everybody,


i'd like someone to tell me if this guy, as showed on the screen, is definitelly cheating or not.




The screen was taken during some official match. The players of the other team were shooting extremely precise, i would say it was a lil bit unbelievable. No matter if they were standing or running, if they had seen us, they would just push the fire buttons and kill us with few bullets so easily, even without any crouching or zooming, i guess. I've been playing this game regularly since more than a year now and i can smell if theres something wrong. And this time me and my clanmates were so sure it coudnt have been a fair play and the rivals must have been using some kind of aimbot. When i looked at the pb screens, i found that one showing my rival shooting at me hiding behind the box. Although the crosshair is focused somewhere else, the bullet is targeting exactly at me shielded by the box. Soon after that i was killed pretty fast just after i had made a little lean. In my opinion he didnt have to aim at all. He was just simply pressing the fire button and the bullets were going where the moving opponent was. Aimbot like a hell. Well, im not 100% certain if he rly cheated or not. Maybe its typical or maybe it was some kind of a lag (though it must sound a bit stupid). Im just asking for your opinion, coz im gonna officially report him as a cheater and i need to confirm that before i accuse him not rightly.




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