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F.E.A.R. 32! player DM


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If u feel more like playing DM with 32 players instead of the defaultly allowed 16players


Download Coop-Warfare: http://coopwarfare.fearmaps.com/


And join:


NOTICE! You need Coop-warfare 0.6 to join! get it at http://coopwarfare.fearmaps.com/ !

Posted Image


mode: Deathmatch

players: 32

mod: CoopWarfare 0.6


Timelimit: 30

Scorelimit: 800













Next to it's amazing modifications in gamemode's weapons skins and other stuff, this the Coop-warfare mod also enabled to raise the amount of players to 32 instead of the default 16.


I wonder what asylum would look like with 32 players running around in it as skelletons, chicks, fatboys etc :P


spread the word, fill her up!


next to the raised playerlimit the servers also introduces:

2 new weapons: HC3000m CWI Sniper rifle

alot of new skins: see image below


Posted Image

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