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Viewing and converting demo's


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OK, you guys helped with the SS question. Next up. Do you have any recommendations for converting the files you get from a demo, into something that can be edited in like "Windows Movie Maker" or any other editing software. When I try to use the recordavi command within the demo control panel, all I get is a bunch of pics, no movie. So, I am looking for something that will convert the ET demos to .avi or something. I tried fraps, but it is only for in game and is kinda choppy. I am looking to convert some old demos I already have.

Any help will be appreciated.


Here is a short demo I used to make a video for our clan. This is the type of stuff I want to do, but the quality from fraps is low.




Hope you like it,


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Hey man, nice vid.. First time I had the chance to check out Enemy Territory... One thing though..when i clicked the link it tryed to make it a text file which I thought was weird so I tryed to "save link as" (with F.F.) and it still acted the same way. So I went to save it again this time I removed the .wmv, saved it then after it was on my desktop I readded the .wmv to it and all was good. Kinda trippy it would act like that so I thought I'd let ya know.. :blink:

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Hmmm, works fine for me. I have not heard of that from anyone else either. Hmmm, maybe someone here knows what is up with that. Have you updated your system and all that good stuff?


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1. don't use your cousins IP or you get a nice avatar, that will perfectly fit your downloaded sniping skills :P

2. re OT: http://compunach.co.nr or http://unplug.mozdev.org is one out of 1000 FF-extensions to solve this, i mostly use ViewSourceWith to send the file to Media Player Classic

3. What i use is a on the fly setup (no postprocessing, mix in etc.) :

- Run the demo with a high quality cfg, r_mode 4 (800x600) or r_mode 3 (640x480), r_picmip 0, midrange gamma etc. squeeze out the best availible

- Windows sound setup with "Wave out Mix" selected and tweaked to mix in music or whatever "live", downside is i refuse 2 use TS = a laugh

- Record from the demo with fraps. The settings need some tweaking re quality/size, but from what i've tried the quality is more down to game settings and compression and i wouldn't run fraps ingame i.e. connected, only for demos (there where pb violations reported for some versions/games)

- compression is try and error, best blend quality/size i get most times with XVid codec, wmv is simmilar only playback truly sux :P

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LOL, I assume that cousin comment was for BlacJack? Cause I have no idea what you are taking about. But, thanks for the tips on making the demo's.


Everyone, feel free to stop on by and snipe a little. We have a pretty layed back, slow and quite sniping server to relax on. Except when we turn on Party Panzers or a little creation we like to call "Rebound Sniper" LOL, it's lots of fun. We set the server knockback to -15000. LOL, it's a blast.


Thanks for all the tips.

Milky :rm_milk:

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