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pb hack


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hey im a sever admin and is there some thing thats possible to do to prevent a pbhack.....for example a guy keeps coming into our sever and typing this cvar cmd


cg_allowedextention: n_n_n_n_n_


and then he will be kicked right away by bp but some mins after everyone will be kicked with the message lossing packets....and it will happen until the sever reboots



now i know its a pb hack because he keeps changing his alias and coming in and keep typing the same cmd over and over making pb kick everyone .....so far the only way i saw to stop this was to disable pb...but then thats when the hackers come so its a lose lose situation





if u have any information about or any way of stoping it please respond thank u very much :)

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If the server was streaming, we could give you a better understanding of what is happening. It isn't a PB Hack per se' it is more of an exploit which overloads your server until it crashes.

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See here for more info on streaming your server. If you decide you'd like to stream first please update your profile info.


Clan/Group Tag: No Information

Clan/Group/League Name: No Information

Clan/Group/League Website: No Information

Game Server IP Address and Port: No Information

Game Played: No Information

Are you a Server Admin?: No

Want to Stream to PBBans?: No

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