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Is this guy hacking?


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We caught this pbscreenshot last night in a match.


We presented this pic to the other clans leadership and almost instantly they produced the same pic from someone's photobucket.


Does the pic appear legit?


Can screenshots be injected into the server somehow? I have heard rumors of this.


My email is [email protected].


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We can't give a firm determination if the screenshot is indeed a cheat without the server streaming to PBBans. We would need the server logs in order to verify that the screenshot is legit. Based on what I see....it looks like a wallhack.....but again won't confirm or deny it.

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Here is the log file. We sure do appreciate you help with this.


I am an older player as well.....holding onto my 30s by a hair....lol.


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You should set your server up to stream to PBBans :)



From your log:


[02.26.2007 22:16:21] Screenshot /usr/local/games/cod/328218/ successfully received (MD5=951F0DD91D2105064AD0F1BB39B41142) from 10 ^1*^7{7thM}^1*^7CJ^1the^7DJ^1* [05dc4e6f845f1c5d77eb6967ba7e07a9(VALID)]


The MD5 matches the screenshot that you posted above.


However, we cannot ban this individual because your server wasn't streaming to PBBans. So the MD5 could not be 100% verified because it could have been manipulated.


Best thing to do is setup your server to stream :)

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