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Gots me a Packet problem!


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Hey everyone, im having some trouble as of recently. Everything has worked fine so far up until about a week/week and a half ago when poeple started getting kicked for 2 minutes for "Cvar cl_maxpackets = #" the most common number is "30" and whats REALLY annoying me about this is I keep getting kicked for 30 as well. It says that it needs to be between 50 and 100. First it gives several warnings then kicks after a while. In my pbsv.cfg file theres a section "Suggested Game Specific CVar Checks" and within it contains the line: "pb_sv_cvar cl_maxpackets in 30 100" (i changed it to 30 and now I dont get kicked but im still seeing the occasional person kicked for even lower packets) Also one of my clan members keeps getting kicked for "cvar rate (=5000) must be between 10000 to 25000" or something written like that (those numbers though). Hes from the UK and seems to be having a lot of problems with our server, first it was the packets and now this. Please help yall.......Pre-emptive Thanx!! ^_^
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in general: up to you what you use; game cvars have nothing to do with cheating


in particular: these network settings (rate 5000 cl_maxpackets 30) where made as default ~2001 - optimized for 56k modem connections ... :rolleyes:



fix is /rate 25000 and /cl_maxpackets 100 in console -- what should be possible ;)

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fix is /rate 25000 and /cl_maxpackets 100 in console -- what should be possible ;)

Thanx, so far it seems to be working for him, although ill post again if it kicks hima agian.

O and one last question: This newbie white namer keeps comin into my server but eventualy gets kicked for either maxpackets being 15 or PB init failure, what exactly is PB init failure? O heh heh one more: why is the reccomended maxpackets at 50? what would less packets mean?

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cl_maxpackets ... Sets maximum client transmission packet size. Optimum setting dependent on hardware type and connection quality.

rate ... Sets communication rate between client and server. Depends on availible bandwidth.

snaps ... Sets number of snapshots (states of the game world) per second client receives from the server. Should be a multiple of 20 (server setting sv_fps 20) q3 is a 20Hz engine.



some recommended network settings:


ADSL / Cable / Wireless

cl_maxpackets 60 - 100 // tweak and check in lagometer

seta cl_packetdup 1 or 0

seta snaps 20 or 40 // check in lagometer

seta rate 10000 - 25000



cl_maxpackets 60

seta cl_packetdup 1

snaps 20 or 40

seta rate 6000 - 7000


56K Modem

cl_maxpackets 30

cl_packetdup 1

snaps 20

rate 5000



PB init failure can be a PB update or network (sic!) issue.

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cool thanx, but where do i input those commands in the server max. I personally watched about 10 poeple get kicked from my server for having rate 5000. And it seems that just about everyone who joins my server has a packet of 30. I used the /players and it said everyone in the server had a packet of 30, so im glad i changed that but im not sure where to modify the rate size, i cant find it anywhere :/
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