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My server is being attacked! This guy is continuously crashing the server with some program he recently purchased. I have tried pbbanning him and IP banning him but nothing seems to stop him. I have his IP and i know EXACTLY who he is and where he got the program from, i just would like to know if there is anything i can do to stop him. Please help if you can anyone

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Could possibly try tracking his IP address and make a nice little phonecall to his ISP...


BTW, I have seen tons of servers in my faves list going down since yesterday, is this a program that runs from in the game itself or can he crash it not even being in it at all?? ...and remember dont post the name of it or an admin will edit you... :P

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Is your server running Rocmod 2.1b or lower cuz I do know of a hack that can exploit the ability for ppl to use this said hack & attack a server that clans using that version or Rocmod or lower had in the past & came here for help.


If thats the case just using Rocmod 2.1c will fix the problem with the exploit that the said hack used but not sure if this is the same case problem your having or not.


Yes plz do let the pbbans staff know where these kids are getting this thing so they can take action against ppl using this sorta thing to illegaly attack ppl's servers.

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