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Got some bad guys

TaS TheSandman

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Hello i have got a few demos of some people hacking and most the demos i got have a ip of the player in them.....all i did was ban them from my server but i know all they need is a different key and they can come right back in....or i ban there ip and they can just change that ip which is easy to do.....so i was wondering if there was a way for me to send these demos into you guys and you could take some kinda actions on it.....

i do plan to setup for streaming but i dont know for sure where to put the 2 files in my ftp....i go these demos before i ever knew about pbstreaming...i found out about it just recently and think its a AWESOME thing...

anything to make the game i love to play clean is a good thing....

so is there any way i can get these demos to you guys?

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as stated in many other posts..


Server Needs to be streaming, we dont take demos/screenshots of non streaming servers


We only deal with servers that stream to PBBans .. dead easy to setup .. all it takes is 7 rcon commands.




Once streaming is initiated you will have access to cvar/md5 scans that will help enormously in making your server cheat free

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ok im gkinda new to this whole pb stream thing and i havent been running my server for more then about 6 months...so you can call me a noob :lol: .......

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