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Banned on some servers


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i am 36 years old, and i play often Quake3 and know PB since a long time. Sometimes i play ET, and i play on 3-4 different servers. nowadays i am banned to play o my favorited servers, becouse there was an incidence with a pk3 checksum file. this file is nexus.pk3 in my etmain folder, 409 bytes! with one file in it, /scripts/nexus.campaign with following content:



name "NeXuS - Custom 1"

shortname "cmpgn_custom_1"

description ""

maps "nachteinbruch;rhine_bridge;fliegerhorst"

mapTC 374 374

type "wolfmp"



name "NeXuS - Custom 2"

shortname "cmpgn_custom_2"

description ""

maps "temple2;mml_church_et_v1;resurrection"

mapTC 374 374

type "wolfmp"



I am banned for this`?

i would call it bug. Please tell me the solution to play some more et.

the last change i made (sometimes last year was autodownload off), but i cant imagine it would have any impact on it.




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