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Please Help From PBBan List.


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I Was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem of mine. I have been banned from cod2 severs my fav 1 in my fav and coduo fav in favs list most sever i go into of CoDUO & CoD2 Say You are banned from this sever by Sever Admin . i tried to talk to the Admins of the sever but they say im ban from everyone sever By Punk buster Master Ban List. I Am on that list becuase i found my old clan tags with my name i used Evole'd^SteVe Witch i do not use no more.


A Few Months later i found out my Brother had been on my computer and was hacking so if any could help me get Unbanned from Punk Buster Master Ban List within in My Cd-Key - IP Address


Ps. I Know most people balm it n they brothers this time it's true.



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