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BF2 - Please help


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I have a small problem with PB when I`m trying to get access to one of my favorite BF2 servers, getting a msg : Banned via PB by the Server Admin. Is nothing strange here ...yet.

The BF2 server is Damage Inc - :16567 . My guid is ; 366e70f8d14a8f64d3c04b4617. My in-game name is : erbyy2000 ... My alias : =PE= erbyy2000 ( not anymore ) and =ACE= erbyy2000 ( not related with =ACE= clan )

I`ve been playing on this server for several month , between November 2006 and February 2007 without any problems. I know every player there talking with them often via TS.

Between February and March 15th 2007 I`ve took a break from BF2, and when I`ve tried to log in their server a weak ago, I `ve got that msg as showed above. Of course that I`ve talk to them about this issue and they never banned me,I`m not on their ban list - they carefully checked, so the only solution is to post here to see what`s going on and how I can find a solution.

I`d like to play on their server ,because I have a low ping, and I made few friends there.

Thank you for your time reading this and I hope that you can help me out in getting an answer.

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