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i am UnforGiven AKA(Hippy) a Member of the AR server version 2.56 we had a guy botting on are server so we went to ban him he said if he would ban him he would crash are server so we went on and soon are both of are servers went down so be on the look out his game ID is HATRIX


if any 1 sees him get his GUID and ban him plz thx u for ur help

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His name is HATRIX with black and white colors.

He is using Syn-Flood Packeting to crash our servers.

This version (2.56) doesnt have many servers, its like a small community, we we went to the other clan servers and told the people there if they can when they see him, to get his GUID and send it to us.


Our 2 servers, named:


2. ]AR[ Proving Grounds


are both missing. we have asked our other clan members on xfire/msn to go check if they can connect to it, unfortunately, they do not see it either.




]AR[ Clan Administrator/Founder

(Server admin is 'tREMor')

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what exactly do you expect us todo?


if your servers aren't streaming we can't do anything about the user, also if he wasn't caught via PB violation / pbss / demo (while server is streaming) we can't add him to the MBI.

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well i was sending warning for other people so it doesnt happen to them

the rest thinking game admins are updating their servers (currently 2.60b) so your warn will help not so many ppl as u tought

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