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Could someone have a look at these PBSS's


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Here are some SS of a guy called zzetos. Could someone have a look at them and tell me if I'm right in assuming he is cheating?


PS hope the uploading worked.




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As stated in my previous thread I'm working on getting our server added to the streaming list. As I currently don't have an "official" admin status in our clan :( I can't do it and have to keep nagging our admin to do it. Until then I will gladly settle for a educated opinion.

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The kind of reply's and now the lack of them (in this and the preious thread) is not helping my efforts to win my clan over for the streaming :( .


I realize that you guys are bussy, but I dont think I'm asking stupid questions. My other thread generated ~350 hits so I would assume that others have the same questions. Now this one should be a easy one for you guys, instead I get nothing but "Why not get your server streaming to pbbans.com, so the staff and users here can do more then just give our opinion?".

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What i would have said if the server was streaming is submit them ,but now when the server is not streaming i cant


i do see some wierd things in the ss´s but its nothing i will comment in a public forum and with pbss´s from a non streaming server


If they showed a 100% cheat then yes i would have said that ..but imo for me those pbss dont


and if iam not wrong we all tried to help you in the last treath ..or? ;)


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Thanks, that is an answer I can deal with. Sorry about snapping at you guys, was getting a little frustrated. Partly also due to the fact that my efforts in getting my clan to stream have so far been less successful then I had hoped (even though everyone in the clan wants to, but our lead admin is currently too bussy with real life commitments).

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I see well let us know when your ready and we will set you up in a few minutes B)


Just remeber any cheaters you bust from now on to then can not be added to the bamlist ;) so hurry :P we dont want any one to get away with it

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