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kicked for name spamming /stealing


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hello all


shane here from |NG|CLAN


just a quick question


a new clan member keeps getting kicked by pb for name spamming / stealing this has only started to happen since he put on the clan tags


his player name is * ThE OnE * and as far as i know we dont have and havent had a |NG| * ThE OnE * in the clan before


i have a copy of his guid and ip if its needed to find out whats going on here


hope you can help



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Look in the NameLock list


PB_SV_NameLock [GUID or partial match] [Name to Lock]

Causes the PunkBuster Server to kick players wearing a locked name unless the player's GUID contains the specified GUID or partial match associated with a locked name; NameLocks are not stored to disk automatically so Admins should add these to the pbsvuser.cfg file in order to have NameLocks extend to future server sessions

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