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Server Streaming?


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Hey , I recently registered my name and server IP. I went thruogh my BF2CC to set everything up. My question is my server doesn`t show it`s streaming. Do I need to wait for a confirmation from you guys in order to have my server streaming?

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you didnt read the forums i take it, since this is your first post lol..

as noted in our hub howto


step 6 Make a post here: click me with the Topic Title your server IP:Port, please state Hub, game and clantag.




Topic Title:
Game: ET
Clantag; ::llama::

NOTE:If your server is empty for a long time, it can be shown as non streaming.

To avoid this happening, open your pbsv.cfg and add the line: pb_sv_task 0 3600 pb_sv_ver

and restart PB.(pb_sv_restart)

This will regularly send "heartbeats" to the Hub.

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