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et hack in tce, clan issues

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recently a member of our clan had his files scanned on connecting to a esl server, which detected a file called *edit*.pk3


this was a enemy territory - TC:E scrimmage

we are mainly a TC:E clan .. so the question stands



this *edit*.pk3 file, was there any ET hack/bot that used this file before ?


or is the only known instance of *edit*.pk3 in *edit* edition, named after the anti-cheat hacker who breached *edit* website and obtained a database.



i ask because our clanmates reasoning for having this file was this post... (sorry for the language i censored it)




Lmfao, if you became educated before making assumptions then you would know this....

The pak that you they found is called *edit* it stands for *edit* which i used years ago to play in bot servers in Enemy Territory and have never deleted


*edit* doesnt even work in TCE. I deleted the actual exe a long time ago and forgot to remove the stupid pk3 file found in the etmain (which by the way is what i got kicked for). Lady, if you would have done your homework instead of jumping to conslusions you would have known this, or maybe you could have talked to me before kicking me out for something i dont do.


I'm sure you dont give a flying **** for making such a stupid mistake as this has no reflection on you, but c'mon. You make the entire SeF clan look bad for accusing me of something that could have been prevented. Your fault not mine.


Whats it i always say....oops?



Oh yeah, and if you dont believe me then go look it up for yourself and find out. What you SHOULD have done before kicking me.





i wasnt so bothered until he treated our clan leader with such disrespect, but i wanted to see if his story added up


i did my research and found that *edit* was a file in *edit* (which is a recent development)

so that outs him as a liar... but he wont accept my proof as truth.. so i come to you guys to see whats up


an ESL admin contacted one of you guys with the same question but i dont know the answer..

basically what id like to know is,


was *edit*.pk3 in any previous et bot/hack

was there ever a *edit* bot/hack

is it at all possible to modify that version of *edit* to use on tc:e

is there any more details you can give me on this file as alll i have comes from forum posts directly from hackers =\



thanks for your time, sorry for the crazy long post lol

please get back to me soon :)

thanks again,


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First off we don't post hack names/websites/related info in public forums, everybody here knows what this is about, but still this part of the forums is visited by google and we have no interest to attract a certain audience; this would end up in giving HowTo's re cheating and get off with it ... sorry for the excessive *edit* - thanks for your understanding.


As you already found, release of the hack in question was 17 Jan 07, so for the point liar or not (bottomline: yes) i could add another sidenote "didn't work with older ET versions"

"... currently works on the following ET versions:





and on the following mods:


jaymod 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.3

etpro 3.2.4, 3.2.5, 3.2.6

etpub client 20060818"

But the empirical fact that nub cheaters are always nub liars as well is of secondary importance :P


To the facts: It is possible the player was busted for a hack not actually running; We cannot prove this, if he can ... ahead. Bottomline: his problem.

We will not lift a ban for the possibility a hack maybe didn't actually run, the fact proven by genuine streamed punkbuster server log is: the hack was installed and detected.

The file in question is proven positive by MD5Tool file-hash (digital fingerprint) to be part of a Multihack, i.e. the question if a pk3 of the same name was ever used for anything else is useless to ask, this file is of hack origin. Under the light that this hack acually works on TCE, as you can see in the SS below (some 1337 sites already found this as well) -- Radar (shows player locations) & Weapon Esp: G=grenade, S=Smoke grenade -- all these "objections" put forward by the caught person are nothing more than another lamers excuse :rolleyes:




Posted Image

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wow, thanks for the super detailed reply :)


sorry about the naming thing, i didnt even think about google linkage i understand


and i didnt even know all that was possible, thats kind of depressing actually but anyhow good to know


you rawk, thanks alot :)

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Tho it doesn't matter at all, the corresponding hack connected to a pure local ETDED +set fs_game tcetest +map obj_snow server. Don't follow disussions with cheaters re it didn't work, i never used it, i deleted it ... only forgot one of all files that got detected (sure, the one detected is the only one you copied to your game folder following the instructions) ;p etc. i read enough of this to guess ... Always gives the proper impression if the justification starts off with a lie, the point the hack would not work in the particular mod is proven wrong. Followed by the next lie. Forward them here to the ban link to appeal.


Simple policy statement

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