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Finding cheaters VS very good players


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This Question has probably been answered before but here goes. How can you be sure that someone is cheating and is not just a realy good player? I have definitly seen some obvious cheaters in BF2 but I have also seen a few that I suspect cheat. I have seen people do some things in the game that I'm not able to do, but that doesnt mean they are cheating, or does it? Like for example seeing troops very far away(beyond full graphics settings), and flying the heli's single seat as though 2 people are in it(heli does not spin when they switch seats). I'm new to the game and I just wonder some times.

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We have proof. All based on genuine punkbuster server logs (see ToS for some details). We are streaming around 1000 servers from all kind of pb-supported games, so obviously don't even bother about skill etc. our bans are backuped all by evidence, pb-catches, Pb-SS, demos and more. No proof no ban. Suspicion alone is useless, i ignore it totally here, from my experience as server admin, when i had an eye on players in 95% of all cases twas nothing; most interesting fact about it were the differing observations and valuations of a staff of admins between "skilled player" and "nub with strange performance gains", where i come to the second point:


Online gaming in general is influenced by many factors, mostly personal ones like experence, current practice etc. But as well non personal like different hardware, drivers, setings, connection; When my fav BF42FH servers are empty and i decide to join a decent one on the other side of the globe i have to grab a tank or as a footsolider is mostly die before you think about hitting the trigger :P

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