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WHat does this mean?


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First off, this is not me but some members of the clan. Im trying to keep our clan hack free and such so i just want to know what these things actually are before we go out and do stuff about it.




http://www.pbbans.com/mbi.php?action=5&ban_id=20144 VIOLATION (VIDEO DRIVER HACK) #90003


http://www.pbbans.com/mbi.php?action=5&ban_id=20987 VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002


just wondering what these all are. Ty for your time


p.s. I dont know much at all of computers so uhh be in depth if possible?

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they are either hack files or hack related files. we dont give out details or hack names but the fact that the MD5 scan found these files are enough proof for us to know the player has or had a hack installed

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