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**popular hack cvar ;p**


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As you may know, i'm admin of the ESL - if you dont, ignore this ;)


Anyway, we've just banned different players according to MBI entrys - a full list of overall 60 players beeing active in competive gaming (Crossfire).


We've now recived some appeals about these bans from different persons. I'd like to have some details and informations about different systems - since I don't want to check them on my server.



I got ***logo from some "bobots" (nothing with cheat , just some bot to play offline) ( link to download : http://uploaded.to/?id=b0hpgt ) and in this bobot.pk3 file ( 2004 bobots) , the creator used a cheat to associate with the bobots and from that there is commands like **some haxcvars** etc

In my eyes, bobot is a total different mod. I installed it on my own a long time ago when my inet went down - after i came back online i didn't have any problems connecting to a server. In my eyes, bobot is a total different bot in a total different directory and therefor won't change anything in etmain or etpro profiles.


This is not an appeal, but i'd like to have some information since i expect you will have them ;)

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You are right, we had a ban appeal with the same excuse for this very cvar (google?) a while back, appeal was denied.

I could not verify any of the mentioned cvars set by this errr ... below beta mod LoL.



If you don't mind i'll edit a bit and wipe all the hack cvars, simple reason is: the public parts of these forums a visited by google ... result: see above :lol:

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ive seen people appeal for a ban (by cvar) saying they downloaded the .cfg from the net, IMO honest users shouldnt have anything connected to hax on their machine and config.


if you download a .cfg, you propobly know whats a .cfg, what does it do, what it contains, and you should check its clean or risk being banned.


btw, is there still servers runing bobots? id like to check it, ive heard the bots doesnt use waypoints and lines to move...

Edited by Necromancer.
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Necro, search for a server called Sunnyside. They used to run bobots. I don't know if they are still around or not.


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