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hi i have been playing et for a while and i havent hacked or anyting this isnt really about hacking i thought i would come hear and get help. I was on my server and someting happened and this kid comes to our server and keeps crashing it with ********** and also he puts himself allies and axis over and over which laggs the server and causes it to crash i have his ip from Rcon Unlimited um if u can help me with anyting i will love it. :)


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First of all... I somehow got messed up trying to log back in. (Figured we should get this out of the way, so y'all don't have me registered twice.)


It wasn't recognizing the password, but when I clicked on the option to help with password... the e-mail never came! (like 3 times) :o


I'd like to use the account name that shows my tags... =NSDQ=sugama, but the e-mail that starts with an "m" is that possible? Help Admin/Moderators :unsure:


After we get that squared away... I'd like to get some information on using your system. Our server is under new management and we're all pretty new to the world of PBing! :rolleyes: One of our admin signed up for punksbusted, but she has no idea how to use it... was hopin we'd have more success here; if you're willing to put up with us newbs!


BTW: I chose the streaming option when I registered, but it gave me an error message saying we had to be running BF2CC (which we are) or some others. Please help!!!


PS: We got a gamer who registered in our forums (requesting membership), who claims to be a PB Admin. Don't see him on the list though! :angry: He claimed to have caught three people cheating on our server and to have banned them... he released two of their names so far, but none of them are on your list! Hmmm - could he be impersonating???

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