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dont understand


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i really dont understand threr is this girl on 2.55 she crashes server thretens ppl to give her admin rcon and ref or else she is goan crash the server. If the person doesnt give her the server crashes this is a conv i had with her. Im sure that isnt legal. This was on xfire.


manda: ayo will you do me a favor?

Crys+al: depends

manda: will you get me rcon

manda: to exhibit

Crys+al: no

manda: LOL

manda: you're too nice

manda: why not?

Crys+al: its my server

Crys+al: y would i give u rcon

manda: so i can crash it

manda: and reset everything

Crys+al: its my server y would i wAnt u to crash it

manda: you can get another one

manda: and not put brick's name on it

Crys+al: im good

manda: then fucking unban me

manda: bitch

Crys+al: i told him to so shut up

Crys+al: i told him a while ago

Crys+al: he said ok

Crys+al: dont call me a bitch

manda: then give me rcon

Crys+al: no

manda: or ref

Crys+al: no

manda: lol, whatever bitch-have it your way

Crys+al: y u need rcon

Crys+al: cant u crash it with q3infoboom

Crys+al: of urs

manda: nope

manda: pb blocked it

manda: but

manda: i'm asking around

manda: to see what else there is

manda: lala bitch

manda: say v55 to your server

Crys+al: syrsly get a life

manda: srsly gtfo my shit bitch

Crys+al: y go hacking ppls server and shit

Crys+al: its gay


and the server crashed in a few seconds im not 100% sure btu i think i have her ip i use rcon unlimited and i tryed to egt her ip some times it doesnt show anyting and sometimes it does well. Thanks

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2.55 sucks its that simple.. upgrade to 2.60b at least then your not as prone to getting attacked..


also if he/she wants rcon/ftp info etc its not hard to get in 2.55 where as 2.60b you cannot get rcon/ftp info (that bug/exploit was fixed in 2.60b)



Nothing we can do about someone crashing your server, especially if your server is not streaming to pbbans..

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ok because i just thought that u can help was because when ever she would say im gona crash a server ppl would b like im gona put ur ip on pb bans and ur gona get hard drive banned+ what is streaming pbbans

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2.55 servers are SO buggy and full of exploits however if you insist on using 2.55 theres a few things you can do to protect yourself a bit, dont have time to find links for ya, but they're all easily found via google...install the q3infoboomfix (its a patcher for your etded). Run your game server through QuakeMultiMod and turn on the anticrash feature (that fixes msgboom and jamsgbof)...and use the download exploit protector from wolfmap.gameprophets.com


Don't think that all your problems are solved by doing this, BUT it does tend help quite a bit.

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