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Unfortunately we have discovered that one of the teams in our league was hacking. We found out because one of the team members exposed the team. They were running a program called **edited cheatname**. apparently it is undetectable by punk buster, is this true? I ask, because the finger has been pointed at a few other players. What should we be looking for in player demos? I have a demo right now where the guy plays almost flawless, he knows where people are and seems to be aiming before you even pop out. Is there someone who checks demos?




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no hack names/related info in public forums please; thank you for your understanding
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luckyly "undetectable" is nonsense in itself :)


We are offering features and techniques (demo & ss submissions are the two basic ones) to our streaming server admins to take "care" of the yet pb undetected cheats till punkbuster picks them, with some success i may add. Precondition is the server streaming, as a detection will result in a ban on our MBI - admins sharing their banlists - and not just a ban on one server ... for an overview have a glance through the ToS.


We handle details on specific hacks in a forums part private to streaming server admins only, that google and a certain audience (searching for a hack to use it) will not see ;)

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