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Is this a violation?


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VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002...MD5Tool Mismatch: System/readme.txt (len=2048) ?

Yes it is a violation. But not all violations are banable.

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We just had a member get kicked for this. One of our "superman" members if you will. He is banned by you guys, But no other cheat group. Is there any way i can get some more information on this?


We have also seen other users kicked from our server for the same thing. We have no idea what it is.

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My main question wasnt answered, Need to know if this is a hack/exploit so we can go ahead and relieve him of his posistion in our clan.




Working on getting our server streaming to you guys as well.

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If he is hacking I will find out because I have its fingerprint. Its just faster. If I'd have to compare fingerprints of every readme , it would take too long :P .

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There are no "readme.txt" files in the default game install for America's Army. The only file that is even close is the "ArmyOpsReadMe.txt" file in the System folder.


The file could be from an add-on tool, keybind, and or a cheat file.

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