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How can i take pb screenshot of suspected hackers?


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Yesterday I played on karkand infantry server, there was a guy who i pretty much sure he was hacking..since he was shooting through the walls, killing with only 1 headshot,my whole team was trying to get rid of him by votekicking him.. and then i joined his team just to see him playing .it turns out he was really hacking and throwing supply to his place although there was no commander on my team..i felt sad ,it ruined a wonderful game like bf2..very disappointed that such ppl do exist and enjoy ruining everyone else game :angry: ..we all have fun when all play fair so i hope u guys could help me by telling me how i can take a screenshot of him or other suspected hackers??! i want to help keep EA hack free and i won't spare u a hacker :lol:


i have not taken a screenshot of him yet coz i couldnot figure out how to ..just thought i would let u guys know about him plz keep an eye on him.. plz thanks!


hacker's name : Removed by admin


this is his pid Removed by admin

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Plase dont name people as cheats if you have no proof. As for your screenshot question you cant unless you're the server admin http://www.evenbalance.com/publications/bf...htm#screenshots



Thank you for your reply,just one further noobie question is there anything i could do so that i could provide you with a

solid proof of him cheating even if i'm not the server admin..?

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IT seems that my post was deleted but this poped up but I still dont under stand what is the command for takeing the screen shot it doesnt seem to explain it in the even balance publication???? please help me by telling me the command.

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