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Crosshair Hack/Modified ?


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Im not too sure what to say here with these screenshots, according to PBBans using an external chrosshair modifier can result in Pb to ban the individual, In fear theres only 1 standard crosshair, I have some screenshots here which I belive not to be standard crosshairs but i may be wrong , until then the player of which these screeshots belog to will not be allowed on the server until i get a second opinion from PB, PunksBusted, It may easily be nothing to worry about but as everyone knows i run a tight server and i do my best to eliminate hacks as I see them. Well here are a couple of the SS, again all of his screenshots are like that with those crosshairs.


I'm currently working on to get the server streamed to detect more cheaters just having some issues setting it up. But will find what I'm doing wrong.


Please give me your feedback on what you guys think. [de0779078e2c5661f1e644f8c2d1028c] "Judge_Dredd"


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Posted Image

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not a hack (samplerate 2 might cause this)


I you are the admin of this server, please setup streaming for it.. it's a good 2ndline of defence next to sinews patch :)

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I'm not so fast to buy the sample rate 2, at the res this guy's playing anyway.

Also just because it could be a custom crosshair don't mean it's part of a cheat.


everyone knows i run a tight server

You really can't do that on your own anymore mate. With out the help of a group like this, it's almost impossible.

Do like 5chaap2k says get on the stream. B)

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