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Losing Key Packets (A)ffff0001


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ok folks here is my issue i first started to play this game about day ago and was able to play for about 3 hours before encountering this problem


Losing Key Packets (A)ffff0001


I have sent a ticket request in and am making little progress there I have reinstalled the game after removing it completley and reinstalled punkbuster and all updates for the game and punkbuster, if someone has encountered this problem and can help your help would be greatly apprciated thanks in advace to all those that help with this issue.

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We are aware of several players who are getting kicked for Losing Key Packets with an error code ffff0001 or ffff0002 after the v1.701 PB Client update released yesterday. There seems to be some misinformation being posted on various websites and forums in reference to the new PunkBuster services called PnkBstrA and PnkBstrB. These are NOT optional. If these are disabled or stopped or blocked by the user or anti-virus or Internet security software, updated PunkBuster servers will remove you from the game for Losing Key Packets. Users of some versions of McAfee Security Center are reporting that these PB components are getting automatically added to the "block" list. If this happens on your machine, you will need to remove them from the list in order to continue using PunkBuster. Players who have manually disabled or stopped PnkBstrA based on instructions from some other website may need to run our PBSVC program to uninstall and reinstall in order to continue playing on PB enabled servers.

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Thanks for the input, it has been found those with an anti virus programs may incounter packt loos problems, first step should be to check your anit virus, firewall progam, and make sure you have authorized your firewall programs to allow punkbuster a and b.

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