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Banning on my server only


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Hi friends,

today we got PBSS of some Glitcher ,we dont want to give a platform to play at.

So i want to ban him.

I noticed that glitch after viewing the PBSS, so i was not able to ban him directly ingame, but i ve got his GUID from the PBSS.I checked if it works when i type in the hash code with my own, but it didn´t.

How to ban someone, when i ve only the informations the PBSS give me?


Btw: Bf2 @ bf2cc


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all the commands you need from punkbuster themselves .


you need :


PB_SV_BanGuid [guid] [player_name] [iP_Address] [reason]

Adds a guid directly to PB's permanent ban list; if the player_name or IP_Address are not known, we recommend using "???"


Have you put your screenies on for discussion in screen review area ? to see if fellow bf2 admins think its a cheat ?

dont play it so cant help you on that bit .

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Thx m8, didnt thought about the PB commands, only thought about to manage it in bf2cc (adim tool).

It is no cheat ,it is just a glitch -> using a model bug.Almost every bf player knows about it, but only the "small wieners" use it to score their points, coz they can´t get hit inside the building ut can kill everyone outside.

There are tons of videos e.g. youtube how to get into those buildings.On that map are about 5 buildings, where u can enter with a hook....

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The glithes are long well known, but probably not to fix for EA/Dice....who knows.

However it is no cheat just a bug, and bugusing is not allowed by EA and of course we don´t want those on our server, so we ban those guys.

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Hi in ET it was frowned upon to take advantage of such exploits but normally not a permenant ban, instead most admins settled for a temp ban of say 666 minutes . Most people got the idea quite quickly ;-)

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