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multiple crosshairs


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I'm sorry if this has been discussed in the forum and I am repeating a topic.

I do not know what to call this hack, so I have not been able to locate it through the search field.

I run a SOF2 server and take occasional PB screenshots. I believe that I am seeing (in two player .png screens) more than 1 crosshair.

There seems to be the players primary gun crosshair and what appears to be another floating crosshair. (and possably a floating dot also)

Does anyone know the name for this hack?

Is there a command line that can be added to the PB cfg to check for it?

Any details in this hack will certainly be appreciated.


TY in advance,


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It may be hard to see without zooming in on these shots.


In the 1st SS I see a + next to the downed player and a mystery dot closer to his weapon crosshair.




The second shot is a bit "iffy" at this point and I will follow up on this player. When I zoom in, I see a red + next to the weapon on the ground.



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